Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My Plant of the Momentum (giggle) is going to be the Elsholtzia stauntonii my sister recently planted in her garden.

I keep thinking of it as the "sister" mint shrub to the australian mint bush I have been growing. While both are mint bushes, lovely, fragrant and shrub-like, the australian blooms early spring with a breathtakingly bright, purple haze and while the Elsholtzia blooms all summer the flowers are not as showy. The Elsholtzia is a very hardy plant growing into zone 4 and the australian is more tender only hardy to zone 7. The same, but different, just like sisters.
My sister and her husband travel full time in their motor home so my sister's garden resides on my property. They are back on the road after spending a month with us golfing, shopping, gardening and hanging out. While she was here she managed to put some order into my crazed chaos of gardens and I have to say they are looking better than they ever have.

So to say a special thank you to my sister, Elsholtzia stauntonii is my plant of the momentum.

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dAwN said...

oh thanks sister....i liked the plant of the momentum ...So which mint shrub one this sister? I am claiming here that i am the Australian mint bush...because i cant handle the cold weather....I show up for a month in early spring and i bloom(work) in the garden then leave.....we are both lovely and fragrant...well maybe not after a hard day of gardening..
anyway...it is always sad to leave you and craigy and the crazy fur kiddies....and of course your lovely garden, which gets lovelier each time i see it....