Monday, March 16, 2009


We are just about ready for spring. We've received most of our large shipments of cement, ceramic pottery and all the other spring treasures that our co-owner Gail has personally picked out to delight our customers. We all got very excited breaking down the pallets of ceramic pottery. The colors, sizes, shapes and styles all had us breathless, well that and the amount of blood, sweat and tears it took to unpack, move, price and shelf over 10 pallets of beautiful ceramic pottery. Gail has also brought in another shipment of "River Root" whimsical outdoor furniture and a nice array of indoor and outdoor fountains. Stop on by and see what is new in our garden shop and check out the greenhouses for perennials that you can plant now.

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dAwN said...

Wow..lots a wonderful goodies..I cant wait to go over the the shop and check them all out!