Friday, February 27, 2009

Pennisetum sataceum rubrum 'Fireworks'

One of my favorite things to do at work is to help the girls in the nursery unpack boxes of plants. This time of year we receive boxes and boxes of new stock which has to be opened, accounted for, put in the greenhouses until they are potted up, and then all the boxes need to be torn down and stacked. All of this is done with a professional efficiency. I love the urgency of unpacking but I love even more the delights just waiting to be found.

I think I might have screeched when I unpacked this new annual rubrum grass, Pennisetum sataceum rubrum 'Fireworks'. Or at the very least my voice kept getting higher and higher until only the dogs in the area could understand what I was saying.

This is how they looked right after they were unpacked. I love the creamy white. It sort of reminds me of Phalaris arundinacea 'Strawberries & Cream' right now. In my research they seem to take on a much redder tone while the season progresses.

While unpacking I had to show my PIC Peggy how wonderful this new grass was . I mentioned to her that I bet she will be using a bunch of these in her summer pots here at BB's. She just happened to be running her fingers through the foliage at the time, she laughed and said "ha I was just thinking how they were going to look in pots at Peggy's house". At any rate we are all excited to see just how this new rubrum will progress throughout the growing season.


dAwN said...

YOU and the PIC Peggy are some crazy plant loving..plant touchy feeling.. dog screechin girls...and thank goodness the nursery has more than one plant or the two of you would have a cat fighten time over the one.

Tink said...

Sounds like Christmas with opening all those loverly plants.. I feel the same way when I open up a package of cream puffs.. :)