Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today at BB's we had quite a few "newbies" drop by to see us. We always get a big kick out of the reactions of first time customers to the amount of perennials and herbs that we keep in stock year round.

Most of our first time customers admit to being a bit overwhelmed and they all seem to be a little shell shocked after wandering around for a while. I must admit I felt a tad like Scarlett with a touch of the vapors my first time here. I think I actually had to fan my face with my hands just to get my breath back. Was there a point here? Oh yes! my "Plant of the Moment".

One of our newbies today was planning a new garden, lots of different plants, all located in different sections of the greenhouses. I was happy to help her and she was happy to have me help her, being a bit overwhelmed by it all. I described to her the general layout of our greenhouses, gave her specific areas for some plants she was having a hard time finding and then sent her on her way with instructions to come and get me if there was something she couldn't find. She ended up with a couple of wagons full by the time she was done shopping. While boxing and writing up her order, I asked her if there was anything she couldn't find. She replied she could still not find the physostegia (obedient plant). I knew we had them and offered to go back and get them for her. I also knew we had the physostegia in white and in pink so I asked her if she had a preference. She wanted the pink, so I headed back into the greenhouses to fetch her two four inch pots. I actually found two different kinds of pink. We had a nice 24" tall one, the species and cultivar escape me now, but I also found another pink one, physostegia virginiana 'Eyeful Tower' which tops out at 7-8'. Since they were so very different I brought up two of each. I showed her what I had found and she said she wanted them all but ended up getting just the shorter variety since she had already picked out a ton of plants to purchase. I bet she is now sorry she did not get the 'Eyeful Tower' and will probably be back at some point to get them. What she doesn't know is that the two lovely pots I picked out for her never made it back into our greenhouses.

Like I always say, we have such a huge selection of plants and I have such an addiction to plants, I sometimes have to leave it up to fate or serendipity as to what I bring home with me or what becomes my 'Plant of the Moment'. I was intrigued by the name "Eyeful Tower' and by the sheer height of them and OK the fact that I had them in my hands.

I've read they are not as invasive as the shorter variety, in relation to their height not as much as you would expect. I don't think I would mind a nice stand of them blooming in my front gardens in late summer.

Physostegia likes a moist soil so they would be very happy in clay or a well amended sandy soil. My problem with my sandy soil with be in keeping them moist enough but I have promised them that I will try to make them happy if they will promise to make a nice 7-8' high stand in my front gardens in late summer and for this reason they are my "Plant of the Moment".


simmonsjolo said...

Wonderful article, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tink said...

Scarlett, I would love to have you accompany me at the flower gala this spring.. LOL Silliness aside.. Your customers are so lucky to have you help them plan out your garden. You not only have the knowledge about many plants but you can tell you have the love for them as well..