Friday, April 17, 2009


I had another serendipitous introduction to a 'plant of the moment' today.   I was walking back into the garden shop after helping out a customer in the greenhouses and happened upon my cohort Becky writing up an order for a customer.  In her hand she was holding a very lovely, strong and healthy plant with yellow margins.  It really caught my eye.  I looked at the tag because I wasn't quite sure what it was and found that it was a 'new' gaura that John had brought into the greenhouses this spring.  

Gaura has a long, long list of things going for it.  Its roots form a taproot much like a carrot, and reaches down into the ground in search of water and so it is one of the best drought tolerant plants for the south.  Its also heat and humidity tolerant.  It comes in a wide range of heights, from 12" to 6-7' tall.  You will find gaura on lists of plants that deer don't usually like to graze.  Its for full sun  and it blooms all season.

Its not the most showy plant though.  Wispy in form with flowers held high above the foliage on long, thin stems that cascade downward.  The flowers are usually varying degrees of pink, white or a combination of both.  As well as the regular green foliage we also have some with a very deep maroon foliage.

The creamy yellow margins of Corrie's Gold' really caught my eye.  Corrie's flowers are pure white, and she is short, topping out at 18".   I think she is as lovely as she can be and for this reason she is my 'Plant of the Moment'.

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