Thursday, April 9, 2009

Purple Dahlias-Pick a Size...Any Size

We have been carrying the Bishop Series of purple foliage dahlias for a couple of years now. Their foliage makes them striking in or out of bloom and they perform well in a mixed perennial border where their color brings versatility and in pots where they can make a stunning focal point.

They are tall though topping out at about four feet if grown in part sun where they will stretch a bit to get more sun and in full sun usually they grow to a height of 3 to 3 1/2' so they are strictly a back of the border perennial.

Bishop of Llandaff

This year John has added two more purple foliage collections to our repertoire.

The 'Mystic' series could be planted mid-border where it will grow 18-24" tall and wide.

Mystic Desire

Mystic Spirit

Mystic Illusion

Mystic Dreamer

Last but not least is the "Dark Angel' series. This one is compact and would be great in the front of a perennial border. Being only 12" high it would also be great front and center in a potted garden making a gorgeous focal point for a mixed planting. I have to admit I love the names which seem to be based upon 'dark' movie heroines. Go ladies go ladies.


Dragon Ball

Pretty Woman

Pulp Fiction

Taxi Driver

All these dahlias will do well in a mixed border or in a potted arrangement. They will be perennial here in our zone but will be slower to show up in a perennial border. Usually by mid-summer they will be up and blooming and will continue to bloom until fall.  They are invaluable as a foliage plant and simply irresistible when blooming.


dAwN said...

wow..lots of Dahlias..I like the compact ones...I like the movie names...but the Pulp fiction scares me!

Tink said...

Oh my goodness Del those are gorgeous. I love the Mystic series of flowers.. Especially the Mystic Desire. I love all of the names.. The deep red in the Dracula plant is gorgeous.. Thanks for sharing.. Now all i need is the warm weather.. sigh!

ANG said...

Does anyone know where the 'Mystic Desire' can be purchased?

ANG said...

Does anyone know where to purchase the Mystic Desire flowers?

I live in NJ, but I'm willing to make the drive