Sunday, March 9, 2008


That is what I said when I found out we would be bringing four kinds of hakonechloa into the grass house this spring. Okay... well I may have jumped up and down, and all right I probably clapped my hands too but you can hardly blame me. These are four gorgeous grasses. Invaluable in creating a lush look in a landscape. While they can take full sun, in our southern climate they prefer lots of water and morning sun. I'm thinking they would be gorgeous in containers with a generous amount of water crystals.

"AUREOLA" Native to shadowy mountain cliffs in Japan, this cool season dwarf grass is lush and graceful. The cascading, satin-like foliage is broad and variegated with cream, chartreuse and green.

"ALBO-STRIATA" The white-striped form of the beautiful Japanese forest grass is more sun tolerant than the golden form. Its cascading green foliage is adorned with thick and thin creamy white stripes. Pink tints develop in fall, then the whole plant turns honey yellow. ‘Albo Striata’ takes a little more sun, and is a little taller, than the more familiar ‘Aureola’.

"ALL GOLD" The foliage of All-Gold is almost completely golden in light shade making it even more striking when planted along a woodland path or beside a shady terrace, or anywhere in soft, dappled light.

"BENI-KAZE" With the same overflowing grace as its relatives, newly introduced 'Beni-kaze' entertains brilliant red fall colors. The lax green mound of loosely arranged, draped blades remains green until cooler weather ignites the smooth foliar ribbons and begs its name, which translates “red wind.

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dAwN said...

those grasses look beautiful and lush...cant wait to see them