Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh Brother...or more appropriately...Oh Sister

Well, my sister read my latest 'Plant of the Moment' blog and said she was very confused. She insists that I tell you that Hippeastrum "voodoo" can be planted outside in your landscape instead of just growing in a pot like all the amaryllis she is used to growing. She also insists I point out that the reason these bulbs are stretching out the pots is because they are multiplying. She didn't understand why they did that and suggested a few scenarios that I can't relate here. Geez, everyones a critic.

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beachgrl said...

Well, you can tell that sister, if I am correct in assuming what sister she is, that she can grab one of those bursting pots and bring it on back to this sister who will plant it in her garden for the summer. I am sure it would not survive zone 6 winters here at the shore. It is a lovely plant. Did you happen to grab one for this