Saturday, March 1, 2008

The last of dry shade

This will be the last blog on dry shade because quite frankly I have become bored with it and to think I was so excited at first. Anyway this last plant was brought up in a conversation on the gardenweb concerning the drought and what plants had come through with flying colors. One of our regular posters mentioned that her autumn ferns survived wonderfully through last summer's drought with no additional water at all. After reading her post I checked the ferns I had growing in my dry shade area and found that the best looking fern of the bunch was indeed an autumn fern. I checked the autumn ferns in our greenhouses at work and they too were the nicest looking of all the ferns mid-winter. I also have a couple of autumn ferns potted up on my north facing covered front porch that have looked lovely all winter long without much water.

I've also had varied luck with epimediums which are supposed to like dry shade. I planted a couple last summer but had mixed results getting them established.

I am also going to try a couple of saxifraga as well as a couple of non-invasive oxalis in the same area to see how they do.

Go ahead and try some of the dry shade plants I have suggested or if you know any different ones yourself feel free to post a comment and let me know what you have had success with.

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