Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My plant of the moment is going to be an ordinary houseplant. I think most of us have grown them at one time or another. Usually given as a start from someone that had one that was probably given to them as a start.

A couple of years ago a part-time employee that took care of our "tropical house" told me stories about her mother and the tropicals she would plant out in her perennial gardens. She mentioned Chlorophytum comosum, the common spider plant as a plant her mother would grow under pines. I commented that they were not hardy and she answered that they survived most winters here except our harshest ones and since they are so easy to start its not such a loss if they don't survive forever. She graciously offered to start me a flat of them. Lets just say that's a "good amount" of spider plants. I planted them in a grove of American holly, pine and oak trees. That was two years ago. Last summer they struggled and I was not sure about their survival. I was amazed to see them coming up out of that arid area these last couple of days. For this reason they are my plant of the moment.

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dAwN said...

darn..i left a comment and then the page didnnt load so here i am commenting again...
its great that you can grow this outside..i have grown it inside in the past..wouldnt grow outside in ct.
I was just visiting a friend here in Florida...she grows orchids in her trees...and also staghorn ferns..very big..without soil...
I guess its all about the climate...and i guess soil in some cases..